Energy pass for functional buildings
Since January 2011, requirements also apply to functional buildings, such as schools, offices and nursing homes, where an energy passport is required. A functional building is a building in which at least 10% of the energy reference area are for purposes other than residential. The relationship between the living area and the area not intended for residential purposes is therefore decisive for the classification in residential building or functional building. If you are not sure of your classification, do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to heating, production of hot water, ventilation and power supply, the energy balance of functional buildings also consider lighting, cooling, deshumidification and humidification that influence large energy consumption of a building. The limit was set to 90% to reduce the influence of these technical systems of classification to a minimum. For buildings with an area with non-residential purposes under 10%, an error of assessment can be considered negligible. Energy passports for functional buildings, unlike the ones for residential buildings, should be reviewed after three years in order to correlate with the actual consumption of the building.
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