Energy pass for residential buildings
The energy passport is a quality-based classification system. Thanks to it, when you want to buy or rent a residential building, you can easily check if the house or the apartment is energy-efficient. The energy passport shows the energy requirements of buildings and homes in a simple and transparent way. Thus, even without technical knowledge, you can assess the quality of residential building energy.
If you need an energy pass, please contact us and, if possible, get ready drawings, data on the technical equipment of the building and energy consumption (oil, gas, wood logs, wood pellets, electricity ... ) for the last few years.
For existing residential buildings, we will set an appointment for a site visit. Finally, we will make various calculations for the energy pass and will give you the document signed.

The energy passport is valid for 10 years from the date of issue. The issue date and maturity date are on the header of the energy passport.
It is not mandatory to carry out the measures proposed in the energy pass. The individual measures are available for guidance or incentives for remediation or upgrading a building's energy. If the owner decides to perform one or more energy improvement measures, it will have to request an energy advice on site in order to receive financial aid offered by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure.
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