Passive Houses
A passive house is a house in which the insulation is powerful enough not to need heating. To be considered as passive, a house must consume less than 15 kWh of primary energy per square meter and per year for heating, and less than 120 kWh per m² and per year for all uses.
In order to build a passive building, you must follow seven principles:
- First of all, it must have a continuous performant insulation without any thermal bridge and isolated chassis associated with triple glazed windows,
- The thermal envelope must be enclosed in another airtight envelope, to prevent from heat loss and to prevent from the risk of deterioration of the building. This seal should be checked with a pressure test called Blower Door Test.
- The windows must have a high transparency factor to use solar radiation and to reduce the need of heat.
- An efficient air treatment (mechanical ventilation (VMC) double flow with heat recovery efficiency of min 75%). The goal is to suck the warm, moist air in the kitchen and bathroom, and recover the heat to inject fresh air into the living rooms (bedrooms, living room, office ...).
- Limiting the need for heat and cooling to 15kWh/m2. Similarly, you should reduce primary energy needs for all applications to 120 kWh / (m2 year).
- The heat load of the building should be around 10w/m2.
- Finally, the frequency of overheating (% of hours in the year when the internal temperature exceeds 25°C) should not exceed 10%.
As you can imagine, the rules are very strict for construction, but then passive houses are very comfortable and healthy houses, and specially energy efficient.
If you also want to start building a passive house, feel free to enjoy our passion and contact us to help you in this project that requires non-standard habits and expertise: we are passive house designer certified by Passivhaus Institut (link)
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