During energy consultings, we will make a very detailed analysis of your building.
We will then write a report that clearly put in evidence the building weaknesses and suggest solutions to save energy and to increase your confort.
In case individuals invest in improving a building's energy, the Ministry of Environment provides generous grants.
To get those grants, you must ask to an expert to make an energy advice.
Therefore, the State provides financial support for such energy consultings (up to € 1,500 for a single family home) in the following projects:
- Building a low energy / passive house;
- Measures to improve thermal efficiency for an existing house;
- Technical equipment for increasing energy efficiency.

Energy advice is optional:
- in case of building a new home in high energy performance;
- Together with technical facilities to increase energy efficiency.

However, energy advice can only be subsidized together with implementation of measures improving thermal efficiency or with the construction of a residential building.
We are certified Energy advisor for residential building, level expert : link
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